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Why AV5 services?

We have 6 core customer service principles that allow us to sustain long term partnerships with our clients.

1. We listen

When a potential customer first contacts AV5, it means that there is a task or a problem that needs solved. We carefully listen and deeply analyze the situation. We will always offer at least 3+ solutions designed by our expert IT engineers to achieve our customer's goals.

2. Understanding cost

We specialize in providing IT support to small businesses. We understand that most small businesses operate with limited resources. We apply our experience and expertise to offer multiple, cost effective options that our customers can choose from.

3. We research and learn.

We understand how crucially important it is to keep our expertise up-to-date. For continuous improvement of our services, we constantly analyze new technologies, modern management techniques and learn from challenging situations from the past. We keep case study reports of past challenges of last 16+ years and how we solved them, so our team can continue to learn and improve our services to best serve you.

4. Transparency builds trust.

AV5 believes in operating with full transparency. Our customers always have access to information on when, how, and who will be working on a specific task. We virtually become your eyes and hands, allowing you to accomplish tasks using our expertise. AV5’s engineers are your engineers!

5. We keep our customers satisfied.

Our goal is to let our customers focus on their core business goals by shifting their routine IT tasks to our engineers and having a peace of mind that AV5 will handle it most effectively.

6. We accept challenges, learn from them and deliver even better solutions!

Nobody is perfect. Though we always strive for the best results, every client is unique and it’s fair to assume that unpredictable challenging situations may arise. Our staff will handle these challenges with care, utilizing all our resources to collaboratively brainstorm and find the most effective resolution.

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Simply contact us and our managed IT solutions specialist will contact you to schedule a free consultation and will prepare a proposal based on your exact needs.