AV5 offers VPN solutions for remote workers

The outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing many companies to provide remote access for their workers. With remote solutions employers can shift to a remote work model for their employees anytime when there is a need for it.

AV5 offers remote solutions that allow your workers to perform their duties just like they're inside your office. The best way to provide a REMOTE ACCESS WORK SPACE is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN is the most commonly used and the most secure protocol that provides encrypted traffic channels.


Our pricing starts at $2000 depending on VPN grade, the number of remote workers, the number of active concurrent VPN connections (number of users using VPN network at the same time), and the type of VPN solution that fits your company’s goals (open source or commercial).


AV5 will shift your current workspace to a fully functioning remote workspace in the matter of only a few days.

Why AV5 is a perfect partner to assist you in setting up your VPN

The AV5 team has 17 years of expertise and experience working remotely. Organizing and supporting remote operation is what we do best!

What's VPN and how it can expand your abiltiy to bring remote workers

All you need is to install a VPN box (router or concentrator) in your office and connect it to your office network. Through a secure connection to the VPN box, your remote workers will be able to use the office network to perform their duties. A new era has begun and, regardless if your organization is ready or not, providing a secure remote workspace for your employees became rather a necessity. AV5 will assist you in embracing the new reality and get your company in tune with the modern way of working.

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