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Managed public clouds

A Virtual Machine moves from a cloud Server Rack to the other

Enterprise adoption of public cloud services has increased radically. Gartner believes that in 2017, some 85% of enterprises will commit to multi-cloud architectures.

The advantages are clear: greater business flexibility, immediate scalability, and reduction on specific IT cost. But besides these benefits, there are clear challenges, such as cloud management.

AV5 Managed Public Cloud for AWS, Azure, etc combines the flexibility, scalability, and strength of these public cloud platforms. We tailor a managed public cloud solution to both the business and their developers. Our cloud experts will design and build a highly-available, public cloud architecture specific to your application requirements and then monitor. 

We support major public clouds:

  • Amazon Public (Amazon Web Services, AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba Cloud

Public clouds benefit your business and provide these major business advantages:

  • Immediate scalability
  • Most features are available
  • Multizone to reach 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Security
  • Pay as you go

From technical points, public clouds offer:

  • Data storages
  • CPU computing
  • Relation databases
  • Big data processing
  • AntiDOS protection
  • Content delivery networks
  • More and more.

Thinking about migrating your existing data center to a public cloud? Our cloud engineers can run IT assets audit, design new cloud infrastructure, and migrate the existing data center infrastructure to the new environment.

Are you looking for a help to manage your existing public cloud? Our cloud experts are ready to analyze your cloud infrastructure and manage or co-manage it.

Contact us to get an estimate and how AV5 managed public cloud can benefit your business.

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