AV5 infrastucture support and data center management

Computer systems and networks are the backbone of an organization and should efficiently and effectively support all operations. AV5 provides all aspects of data center infrastructure management.

Network management

From basic switches to core routers, AV5 provides full management, including version and configuration control, optimizing network performance and stability.

Servers management

Blades, GPU, storage, and regular servers, AV5 team can provide full support, including

Visual inspection

In spite of the provided hardware monitoring, AV5 also provides weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visual inspection of equipment, to ensure cabling is made properly, and no alarm is running on any piece of hardware.

Servers and network monitoring

AV5 provides a full set of monitoring tools to analyze and report health status of the following components of a data center:

  • Power and Power distribution units
  • Network gears monitoring tools
  • Servers health status monitoring
  • Security scans tools

OBM/OOB access

A network can be complicated, consisting of basic switches, Top of Rack Switches, aggregation switches, and core routers and it’s highly recommended to have a secondary network just to manage your network gears. Usually, it consists of “Out of bandwidth” network and console servers.

Assets management

To keep tracking your hardware and software assets, and to keep your cross connection information, AV5 runs assets so that you will have a full picture of what you will have in your data center.

Full or co-management options are available

We understand you might have your own team to manage your data center or to be a core of data center management, and you might be looking for additional expertise to expand your team’s abilities without hiring additional people. In this AV5 provides co-management of data center operations.

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