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Data center installation, from initial analyze to support.

Consider running your own data center is like buying your own house, it’s where you can keep the core of your business, it’s cheaper and secure than a hotel but it requires attention to multiple important things to ensure its security, stability, and cost-effectiveness. There’re a few steps we can perform for you to organize your data center, from A to Z.

While we’re 100% neutral we can share our tips upon choosing a data center using our 15+ years of experience.

Analyze your data center

Any data center consists of multiple moving parts that work together and may affect each other. Besides, your data center will last at least 3-5 years before you can find a better place for your business needs in the future.

Aspects to consider:

Does the data center have enough cooling and power for your requirements now and in future? How far are your customers located? What are the most optimal carriers you may need? Is sales and technical team of the data center friendly?

Step 2. Design your data center

Your infrastructure will consist of different level and parts:

Racks and related hardware infrastructure
Power distribution system
Core network and access switches.
Servers and appliances.

Step 3. Install racks and infrastructure

During this step, we install racks for servers, routers, and switches. Depending on equipment requirements, we install 2- or 4-post racks. Also, between racks, we install cable managers between racks to protect fibers and to keep cable system clean and organized.

Step 4. Core equipment installation

Now, your data center installation has racks installed and at that point, it’s time to install your core network and run copper and fibers. Depending on budget, goal, and possible habits, network structure can be :

Distribution core switches and Top of Rack (ToR) switches
Core switches and fabric extenders.
Classis design with mixes of switches.
And of course, there’re additional components for your network:

Core routers
Load Balancers.
Once network equipment installed, we run interconnection and connection to carriers.

Our network engineers can design, install, and configure your whole network, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Step 5. Servers and storages installation

Now, the data center can receive different types of servers:

Backup servers
CPU-intensive servers
Storage servers
Our experienced data center technicians can install your servers and our infrastructure engineers can perform initial configuration for you or work with your engineers.

Step 6. Build documentation

Racks map
Network map
IP configuration and access information
We also build IT assets database so that you can always know what you have installed, their lifetime, and part numbers if you need a replacement.

Step 7. Monitoring

Nothing is perfect and electronic components die, and it’s very critical that everything is monitored properly so that you will know of any possible problem immediatelly and take further action.

At least, we run monitoring of:

Temperature and humidity inside of your cage(s)
Voltage and components of each server
We can set up a monitoring system and, even more, provide 24/7 support for your business.

Would you like to contact us about your data center installation?

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