SMP Robotics AV5 Cloud Integration

Who is SMP Robotics?

SMP Robotics is an industry leading unmanned security robotics firm who specializes in providing top of the line unmanned ground vehicles. The offering is built to provide organizations, companies and government bodies with a robotics platform that can perform in locations where human operators can’t or shouldn’t go. With more than nine products in their pipeline, the platform is a key player in terms of how the data their robots collect is stored, protected and grown. This is where the AV5 Cloud storage platform comes into play.

SMP Autonomous Unmanned Robotics Cloud Integration

AV5 Cloud and SMP Unmanned Robotics Integration

How is AV5 Cloud Integrating with SMP Robotics?

In short, we are operating as SMP Robotics go to cloud storage solution. Any time SMP Robotics needs a cloud storage platform to store, archive and protect collected data of their clients, AV5 infrastructure will supply that need. We are doing this through:

Whole Infrastructure and Data Scalability

First and foremost, the AV5 cloud will provide true scalability within infrastructure and data. By working with some of the leading data centers around the world, we will be able to scale hardware and software needs at a moments notice.


One of the biggest concerns of autonomous robotics solutions is how collected data is stored and archived. As the vast majority of unmanned robotics devices run heavy on recording video data for future use, companies like SMP Robotics need a cloud storage platform who will not only store data in a security facility but also keep that data for an approximate period  of time.

To ensure all legal needs are met, the AV5 cloud storage platform stores and archives all client data for as long as clients mandate. That means if you need your data archived for a week, a month, a year or ten years, that is not a problem. To make sure your legal data archiving requirements are met, we will store and protect that data for as long as needed.


Another major concern for unmanned robotics platforms is access to collected data.

Like every major cloud provider currently in operation, AV5 enables SMP Robotics and autonomous unmanned platforms like it to have access to their data regardless of data, location or time.

Security through Business Continuity

One of the marks of our business is service continuity. With rock solid SLA’s designed to provide you with 99% continuity or greater, our cloud solution promises 24/7/365 service uptime. The only time we go offline is for routine maintenance at scheduled off-peak traffic hours specifically tailored to your website needs.

Learn more about the AV5 Cloud and SMP Robotics integration. Additionally, you can learn more about SMP Robotics and their product line by visiting their site.

AV5 Cloud and Autonomous Unmanned Robotics

With proven scalable solutions, continued business continuity, rock solid security, complete data accessibility and a pay per use model, the AV5 platform is now a proud supporter of any autonomous unmanned robotics platform in need for cloud storage solutions.

As such, if you are in the mobile autonomous robotics industry or outside of it with a need for business critical IT services, give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you configure whatever your IT need calls for.

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