Cloud on Demand

What is the AV5 Cloud?

The AV5 Cloud is a scalable, powerful, secure, mobile, highly accessible and affordable platform which has been built to allow businesses focus on their core competencies rather than IT concerns. Our platform includes:

  • Custom deployments to meet any need
  • Full Colocation Management and Installation
  • IP Connectivity Optimization
  • Industry standard and custom builds for all business racks and power needs
  • Custom builds for all VMS (Video Management Systems) needs

What is Cloud on Demand?

We have built our platform on the premise of simplifying your business IT needs. For this reason, our Cloud on Demand solution transfers the heavy lifting of your business day-to-day IT operations into our management. With a full array of hardware, software, multi-cloud and network customization services built into our offering, the AV5 Cloud on Demand is built to provide your business with peace of mind.

Here is what our service offering encompasses:

  • A full array of hardware, software, multi cloud and network choices based on performance and cost
  • Tools and services to help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve your company’s ROI
  • Tools to help your business secure optimal pricing structures by leveraging internal market intelligence, strong industry relationships and technology expertise
  • Business support to build custom hybrid and multi cloud environments within private and commercials datacenters
  • Global Support to business IT solutions with accessibility from anywhere in the world
  • Per business scalable infrastructure design and build
  • Full installation of all purchased hardware and software, including custom builds
  • Long standing industry connections to enable selection and negotiation of technology vendors for business-by-business custom builds
  • Full environment QA testing to all solutions are turnkey and properly deployed
  • Full infrastructure build documentation
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure solution uptime
  • Certified SLA’s per build
  • 24/7/365 server uptime

Why AV5 for VMS?

With our cloud storage integration with SMP Robotics, we have retooled our cloud platform to for optimal performance for storing, archiving, managing and accessing video-based data. With more autonomous unmanned robotics companies leaning on VMS solutions like MileStone, GeneTec, OnSSI and Verint to manage their heavier video data, the AV5 cloud has built in redundancies to handle both digital and analog video.

Our VMS platform allows for:

  • Storage and archiving of all video materials
  • Quick retrieval and accessibility to all stored and/or archived materials
  • Automated alerts for all video analytic updates (VCA)
  • Hardened security protocols to maintain sensitive data safety
  • Unique access controls to all materials
  • Tier III and Tier IV data center security protocols where all material is processed, stored and archived

Another great benefit to the AV5 VMS platform is ability to tailor needs to client type. We are adept at integrating VMS services within:

  • Local and Federal state governments
  • SMB’s
  • Large-scale enterprises
  • Private companies
  • Public education institutions
  • Private/public security organizations


To learn more about the Av5 Cloud on Demand platform, including our hardware expertise and our background, download AV5 CTO on Demand.


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