AV5 - your data center and cloud management partner

It’s important for you, our customers, to have insight into our guiding principles as a company. We want to ensure that our business services meet your business goals through communication, environment/product testing and building a long term relationship founded on trust and security.

Infrastructure support

Whether you need support for your existing infrastructure or fully outsource the management of your IT systems, our data center and network engineers can serve your needs.

Data center installation

We can design, install, and support your data center. Whenever you think about a new data center installation, our engineers can assist, we're here to listen and advice.

Network management

Network management is most critical, and it’s a most invisible part of your IT system when it’s managed by experienced experts. We can provide you network engineers on demand but available 24/7, that helps to reduce your expenses.

Hybrid cloud transformation

You can dramatically expand your existing data center with virtually zero expenses upfront. You will receive all benefits that public clouds offer while keeping your base under full control