Racks and power


  • Standard 45 unit racks allowing install up to 40 1U devices.
    • We utilize vertical 0U PDU’s

Power Config:

  • We recommend our customers utilize 208 volt configurations:
    • 208V is green energy friendly with higher density
    • 208V means avoiding upgrading power and PDU down the road
    • 208V allows for retention kit into each connection to avoid loose power cables

***AV5 supports 110 and 208 volt power configurations***

AV5 offers multiple configurations for optimal redundancy rates:

Low Level

  • Single PDU per rack providing no – very minute service degradation in case of rack failure
  • This config is normally used for cache servers distributed across M+N racks

Medium Level

  • Dual PDU per rack w/ single feed
  • Dual PDU per rack w/ single feed save money and the headaches caused by unreliable PDU’s and fuses

High Level

  • Dual primary & Redundant Feeds
  • Primary & Redundant are connected to distinct power systems
  • Each power system has its own internal structure
  • The main benefits of this set up are independent power sources ensuring uptime

***We recommend this setup for Racks w/ network Equipment Database Servers***

AV5 Supports the following PDU Models:

Non-metered & non-switched PDU’s

  • Cost effective
  • Cannot monitor power usage
  • Cannot reboot hardware remotely

Metered PDU

  • Allows for monitoring of power usage
  • Not a bank breaker, but also not the ground level expense

Metered Switched PDU’s

  • Can perform power cycle remotely
  • Only slightly more expensive than an AV5 Metered PDU
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