Support services

Stability improvement

Not everything is perfect. Inspite of fact that our customers have invested a lot of money into hardware, networking, and software, some systems can be unstable due to several reasons such as design problems, improper hardware usage, and many other reasons. In these case we help our customers to stabilize situation following the steps:

  1. Collect all available accident reports
  2. Establish procedure to report any problem or accident report
  3. Analyze and recommend possible ways to fix or improve situation.

Remote backup system solution

Typhoons, Hurricanes, Cyclone, local wars, political turmoils. Even most peaceful regions on the Earth can not guarantee 100% safety to our customers data that they have been collecting for years.
Just to be safe, we offer remote storage systems in any region at your choose. Our solution is redundant and highly scalable, starting from 100 terrabytes and scalable to petabytes.

Frontline monitoring

Any server farm may problems small or big and to react to alerts properly companies need to have 24/7 staff watching alerts, which requires full shift systems for employees. We provide a smart solution for this. We have our own 24/7 team who watches alerts for you and, depending on situation and agreement, may solve small problem for you or contact higher level engineers for further troubleshoot, and provide detailed accident report for further analyzing and improve system.

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