Full colocation installation

AV5 offers Managed Installation services to all customers colocated in in their own facilities or in an outsourced datacenter. Our installation services offer more than traditional racking n stacking With our extensive experience in colocation installations, our customers receive full range of services:

  • Designing
  • Hardware,software and network selection
  • Vendor management
  • Proof of concept and testing
  • Implement and procurement
  • Manage and stabilize environment
  • Enterprise Training

Colocation management

Enterprise clients with their own colocation can also be benefited by AV5’s:

  • Obtain unbiased, vendorneutral market intelligence
  • Deliver a business case for your Cloud Computing project
  • Objectively review the pros and cons of various colo/cloud provider
  • Align your business needs and usage with your spend
  • reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) in your IT Budget

IP connectivity optimization

As content and applications are becoming more bandwidth driven, they require intelligent routing with effective use of content management to ensure contents and applications are reaching to the end users located anywhere globally in a timely manner. AV5 designs and architects Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for its enterprise clients to ensure their business goals are met and monetized.


Customized cloud installation

AV5 offers solution design and sourcing with emphasis in outsourced infrastructure and enterprise business applications. We work with leading providers of highly secure, scalable, and ondemand solutions to deliver flexibility and choice for your enterprise’s private and public cloud deployments such as AWS, Go Grid, Rackspace etc. through traditional IT managed services.

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