Network Management

Focus on your core business operations.

Your network is one of the most critical components supporting your business and its stability

Network Management

  • We work with vendors: Cisco, Arista, Palo Alto, F5, Brocade.
  • Our team at AV5 will co-manage your IT network. We will assist you so that you can focus on the core pieces of your business.
  • You can pay a fraction of the network management cost for whole team without having full time employees.
  • No long terms contracts, 24/7 SLA.
  • 18+ years of experience.
  • Plans and pricing are optimized for small business and startups.

Technologies we use:

  • Cisco IDS, IPS, PIX, ASA firewalls.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring: SolarWinds or Zabix, PageDuty, Pingdom.
  • F5, A10, Brocade load balancers.
  • Cisco routers and switches ASR/ISR IOS/ NX-OS.

Examples of projects we do:

  • New and existing network devices installation and configuration. We can also send our local technicians for initial network gears setup.
  • ARIN / RIPE assistance for new IP addresses and transfers.
  • Full BGP setup.
  • Setup monitoring.
  • Performance test.
  • Security analyzing with recommendations.
  • Network planning and design.
  • Out of bandwidth (OOB / OBM) setup.
  • VPN setup: Palo Alto or Cisco.
  • Connect a private colocation to a pulibc cloud (AWS, Google, MS Azure).
  • Configure Palo Alto firewall to protect your network.
  • Setup F5 load balances and F5 WAF to secure network.
  • Full inventory run, cable labeling, network map designs.
Network management

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    We support major network vendors:

    Three Types of Network Management Operations

    1. Initial network Provisioning

    This process involves calculating an existing network load as well as future demands. We will analyze your current network capacity and trends. Once the evaluation is completed, we then design a new and efficient network structure or provide you with a recommendation on how to improve your existing network. To best ensure the most effective performance, stability, and security of your network, it’s crucially important to perform the following:

    • Defining WAN and DMZ networks
    • Dividing your entire network into segments by traffic type – management, data, storage, and other
    • Defining Redundancy types: single connection, active/passive, or active/active

    2. Post provisioning – Network operations

    The biggest challenge in today’s network management solutions is to proactively identify faults and performance degradation before they impact the end-users. Network Operation allows your network to run smoothly, as it’s designed and intended to. Network Operation also includes monitoring all activities, so our team can quickly and efficiently address any issues before they affect the end-users.

    We bring our 18+ years of experience and expertise to our customers’ day-to-day operations by monitoring:

    • Performance
    • Capacity and trends
    • Hardware
    • Security

    3. Routines – Network maintenance

    Every smoothly running system consists of the system itself and support team behind it. Even perfect systems require proper support and management. To ensure your investments (funds, time, resources) work effectively, your system needs integrated management and support.

    Our maintenance process includes these operations:

    • Performance testing
    • Capacity and trends analysis
    • Hardware monitoring
    • Security analysis and patching

    Why should you choose AV5?

    Our Experience

    Well developed practices backed by 16+ of experience.

    Great Support

    Multi-vendor support for optimal solutions for its price and performance

    Professional Team

    Certified engineers are available managed by professional project managers.

    What our customers say

    "Their knowledge of IT support is hands down the best I have ever worked with"

    AV5’s team has been incredibly helpful and professional. Their knowledge of IT support is hands down the best I have ever worked with. This includes basic hosting to supporting our cloud, their customer service is exceptional for all of our needs we have. Most importantly beyond their extremely great IT skills is the trust we have in AV5 to handle all aspects of our needs.

    Leo RyzhenkoCEO, USRobotics
    "The team, that Vitali put together is, hands down, one of the best in the industry"

    I have used AV5 on multiple occasions. The team, that Vitali put together is, hands down, one of the best in the industry. They have a customer-comes-first organization. I have full faith and trust in their work.

    Hovanes Ferikian
    "These guys consider our tasks and issues as their own"

    AV5 has been a reliable source for our data center and our network service needs for over 5 years. Due to the stability of AV5’s services, we were able to shift our data center projects to AV5 and concentrate on our business goals. These guys consider our tasks and issues as their own.

    COO at SaaSHealthcare Company

    You can ask AV5 network experts to design, install, and support your network for you

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