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Enable hybrid cloud platform for your business needs.

With traditional on-prem data center installations, you are limited by computing resource you have while you could use all benefits if you migrate part of your computing resources into a public cloud.

Some reasons to use hybrid cloud.

Your hardware is at its End-Of-Life (you need to refresh it every 3-5 years).
You experience traffic spikes and unpredictable usage pattern.
You are looking to expand your computing capabilities without a massive investment.
You would like to access the newest software solutions that public clouds offer.



Benefits and features of hybrid cloud

Seamless minimum changes to your existing data center.
Multi-cloud capabilities (private, public, recovery site).
Keeping your your core IT system in your control.
Virtually unlimited computing capacity with immediate scalability of public cloud.
Pay-as-you-go cloud usage.

Some concerns to address and solutions

Of course, any solution that benefits you has some concern that you need to be aware of


You don’t have immunity to possible downtime Consider multi-region or multi-cloud deployment
Security and Privacy may be a concern because everything is online Public Clouds provide comprehensive tools to secure your data
Limited control and flexibility Consider your data center as your core IT system. Use clouds to extend your capabilities
Vendor Lock-In Employing a multi-cloud strategy is a way to avoid vendor lock-in
Cost optimization Auto-scale of virtual resources and prepay if you have a known minimum usage



What AV5 can do for your business

  1. We run internal audits of your IT infrastructure, including applications data flow.
  2. We sort through your applications and suggest which of them to stay in your core data center or migrate / extend to a public cloud.
  3. We offer you 2-3 options on how to expand your data center to a public cloud, so you can choose most optimal solution based on your priorities.
  4. We work with your IT team on expansion process to public cloud.
  5. Consulting and reporting to stakeholders.
  6. Provide post-migration support.
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Would you like to know about possible expanding to hybrid cloud?

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