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By outsourcing your IT infrastructure management to a third-party provider, you can focus on your core business operations.

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AV5 experts can provide a range of services to help with your IT infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure Management

If you already have an IT infrastructure in place, we can help expand your team and bring our expertise.

If you don’t have anything yet, we can design and install a new IT infrastructure for you. AV5 experts can also help with co-management of your IT infrastructure, working with you and your core team to oversee all operations in your data center.

There are typical components and operations of any IT infrastructure:

  1. Servers management
  2. Network operations
  3. Power distribution units management
  4. Monitoring services
  5. Routine operations

AV5 experts can provide assistance with all of these components, helping you design, install, and manage your IT infrastructure to ensure that it is reliable, efficient, and secure.

servers management

Servers management

Typical tasks that AV5 can perform for you:

  • Racking / Unracking servers
  • Cabling servers and connect them to switches
  • Visually Inspect servers for problems and alerts
  • Spare parts assets management
  • Replacing parts (hard drives, memory, power supplies)
  • Configuring DRAC/IPMI for new devices.

Network operations

Network management involves the design, installation, and maintenance of a company’s network infrastructure.

AV5 experts can provide a range of services related to network management, including designing networks for current and future usage.

Some specific tasks that AV5 experts can help with include:

  • Identifying and analyzing the current and future networking needs of your organization
  • Designing a network infrastructure that meets those needs and is scalable for future growth
  • Installing and configuring routers, switches
  • Monitoring the network for performance issues and troubleshooting any problems that arise
network operations
power distribution

Power distribution units management

Power distribution units (PDUs) are an important component of any data center. AV5 experts can provide a range of services related to PDUs, including designing and installing power distribution units.
Some specific tasks that AV5 experts can to help with include:

  • Selecting and installing PDUs that are compatible with your data center’s electrical system
  • Configuring PDUs to provide redundant power supply to critical systems
  • Monitoring PDUs for any issues or problems
  • Maintaining and repairing PDUs

Monitoring services

Here are a few specific things that AV5 can provide monitoring in a data center:

  • Server monitoring: This involves monitoring the performance and availability of servers. This can include monitoring the CPU, memory, as well as the health of their hardware components.
  • Network monitoring: This involves monitoring the performance and availability of the network infrastructure in the data center. This can include monitoring the bandwidth and latency of the network, as well as the health of networking equipment such as switches and routers.
  • PDU monitoring.
  • Vulnerabilities scans

We use openNMS, SolarWinds, zabbix, and etc.

monitoring services
routine operations

Routine operations

  • Spare parts management: This involves tracking and inventorying spare parts.
  • Visual inspection: Regular visual inspections can help identify potential problems before they become major issues.
  • Emergency testing: Having a plan in place for handling emergencies, such as power outages or equipment failures, is important.
  • Redundancy testing: Verifying that redundant systems and are functioning properly is important to ensure that there is no single point of failure.

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