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AV5 engineers and technicians provide full scale of services to manage your IT infrastructure.

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We are dedicated to the stability of your infrastructure.

Outsource your data center operations to AV5.


We will build a well-defined structural map of your servers. For the better insight, our professionals will walk through your existing infrastructure to inspect the hardware and its utilization. AV5 will also take a step further and provide you with a complete report of your existing server needs.


Network infrastructure is a backbone of any corporation. It includes all hardware and software that jointly forms a robust system. We help our clients build an effective and secure network infrastructure that can handle a large amount of data.


Power units are the most critical equipment for any data center. Many companies usually don’t pay proper attention to their feasibility. We will map power usage for safe power utilization.

We got you covered.

Using GlobalOps Services will allow you to:

Infrastructure Monitoring.

Using our internal robust IT monitoring system, our experts will analyze your current data center infrastructure metrics with no delay. In addition, AV5 will provide feedback on how to optimize your power distribution along with its monitoring and humidity levels.

Spare Parts and Devices Maintenance

Equipment degrades and loses its functionality over time. This can likely become a problem for many corporations. At AV5 we develop a plan for proper maintenance and replacement of spare parts and devices to identify equipment that is prone to obsolescence. During our regular internal IT asset audit, we give our clients comprehensive feedback on their existing machines and devices along with a replacement strategy for each obsolete item.

Setting Up An Out-of-Bandwidth Remote Access.

In many cases, engineers need to work remotely. AV5 sets up a remote access to your equipment the way, that is functioning just like an engineer sitting inside your data center. At AV5, we implement a secondary, fully independent path to access your equipment.

Visual Inspection

At AV5 we focus on delivering superior services. It takes regular visits to perform a physical inspection of your data center. We analyze all the racks and machines to ensure their health and security, and indentify lose connections.

Emergency Training

We provide a set of scripts “what to do if” so that your staff can follow specific steps to eliminate negative impact of any emergency situations. We train your staff in advance to avoid any mistakes that can happen in a panic mood.

Remote Access Testing

It’s unnecessary for a small business to hire high-end engineers to be present in your data center at all times, or, it’s not doable in case when you use distributed data centers. We periodically conduct testing, that allows an engineering group to remotely access their devices anytime they need it.

Redundancy Testing

We perform Redundancy testing to assess the integrity of your business backup systems and redundant networks by simulating hardware and software failure under control at non-production hours. We make corrections as needed.

The Core

Outsource your data center operations to AV5.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Having some doubts? We got you covered.

Can everything really be done remotely if I have no IT staff onsite to back up?

Yes. Absolutely! On a rare occasion when physical presence is required, in a timely manner AV5 will send an expert technitian to get the job done!

How can I control my expenses?

Your VirtualOps team members report labor hours based on task progress every day.

How can I see what task my virtual team is performing at the moment?

We use project management online software tools. Whenever there’s a task, it always reflects in project management software and is assigned to specific members of your VirtualOps team. You can always track the current tasks, their status, and the names of assigned team members.

What will happen if my expert is not available?

When you choose your SLA (service level agreement), there are two options for your IT expert availability: guaranteed response within 4-hour or 24-hour window. If there is an emergency type of the situation, we will……

How can I be sure that my engineers will work with yours effectively?

The key to effective collaboration is to ensure that your VirtualOps team always has access to the most updated information. Your Virtual team will keep, as well as will train your own staff how to keep the documentation correctly. We practice co-management style quite often. You and your internal IT team will supervise everything we do for you.

We value transparency.

Any successful business relationship is based on trust. Data is the most valuable asset of your business and we are commited to meet and exceed your expectations.

Data Security

We always evaluate security risks for any task we perform, therefore our customers have never experienced a security breech or a loss of data.

Expert Team

Our team is fast and effective. We work around the clock to make sure your business never goes down.

Track Record

See the reviews of our happy customers, who have been with us for 5+ years.

Industry Experience

AV5 has been in business for 15 years. We've seen technology change and have helped our customers adapt to all the newest trends.

Live Workload Status

You can follow the progress of a project at any time with easy to use Online Project Management tools.


We treat your business like our own. Your problem becomes our problem. Our hand-picked team members have skills to resolve any of your industry issues.


We offer our services to small businesses and maximize every dollar that business owners spend with us. Speak with our experts, let us know your needs and requirements, and we will offer 2-3 options for your VirtualOps team.

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As an example:
a GlobalOps team with 1 NetOp Engineer (working 15 hours a month) and 1 CTO on demand (working 20 hours a month) will cost $4200 a month.

These are the factors that affect pricing:

SLA (Service Level Agreement or response time)

Engineer availability (within 4 hours or 24 hours)

Hourly usage per month

You can begin using the GlobalOps service with our STARTER package (10 hours per month) and can be adjusted later on.

Management requirements

Price will go up accordingly if you prefer to add an IT project manager to professionally manage your VirtualOps.

What our customers say.

AV5’s team has been incredibly helpful and professional. Their knowledge of IT support is hands down the best I have ever worked with. This includes basic hosting to supporting our cloud, their customer service is exceptional for all of our needs we have. Most importantly beyond their extremely great IT skills is the trust we have in AV5 to handle all aspects of our needs.

Leo RyzhenkoCEO, USRobotics

I have used AV5 on multiple occasions. The team, that Vitali put together is, hands down, one of the best in the industry. They have a customer-comes-first organization. I have full faith and trust in their work.

Hovanes Ferikian
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