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Data center infrastructure management

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the integration or convergence of IT and building facilities function in an organization. This includes the analysis and performance of tasks by a responsible person that are necessary for the management of a data center.

DCIM is a growing feature in many large scale enterprises and as a datacenter management provider, AV5 can easily help you overcome your hassles and complications when it comes to IT and data management.

As a leading vendor in the industry, AV5 will monitor, manage and measure your data center utilization while you focus on other core functions of your business.
With the ever-rising demand for Cloud storage, there is a high need for professional data planners and data management providers who can work with complex issues and can quickly fix any problems.

At AV5, we use the expertise of experienced professionals to design, build, and control your data structure and its environment so it can easily pull and compose incoming chunks of large data.

How can we help you?


Because of our expertise in the field, we will build a well-defined structural map of your company’s server and disk space requirements. For better insight, our professionals will walk around your existing data center to physically inspect your hardware and their age.
AV5 will also take a step further and provide you a complete understanding of your existing server needs and its model. After all, strong and robust servers are the lifeline of data center and you wouldn’t want it to be handled by an unprofessional firm.
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computing technology.

Network Infrastructure Management

Network infrastructure is the backbone of every large and small corporation. This includes all hardware and software that comes together to form a robust system. During our IT audit, we help our clients build an effective and secure network infrastructure that can easily handle a large amount of data.
By streamlining your communication paths, and establishing a connection between several complex applications for smooth data transfer between users and the network, AV5 can easily help extend the life cycle of your hardware.
Fiber cables connected to servers in a datacenter

Power Distribution Units

Power units are the most critical equipment for any data center. Many companies usually don’t pay proper attention to their feasibility. Unattended power fluctuations and leakage can challenge your data management structure. In worst cases, it can even prove to be hazardous. With the help of AV5 PDU solution companies can easily shift their attention to important business functions rather than worrying about their data center infrastructure management. AV5 will work over primary redundancy areas that result in circuit or power failures to ensure an interrupted connection to your data center. Besides, by properly rebalancing your current datacenter and replacing fuses your cost of power will likely decline, saving you a considerably on electricity cost.
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Infrastructure Monitoring

Because of our internal IT and robust monitoring system, our valuable clients can benefit from our infrastructure monitoring. Our experts will analyze your current data center infrastructure metrics without delay. In addition, AV5 will also provide feedback and optimize your power distribution along with its monitoring and humidity.
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Out of Bandwidth Access

Corporations deploy more and more applications and extend their servers to cater to daily operations. This creates the demand for a dedicated team to monitor your network bandwidth. As an enterprise dealing with a large influx of data, you need proper remote or in-house engineers who can provide you with quick solutions and maintenance of out of bandwidth management.
With the help of AV5 out of bandwidth solutions, you can stop worrying about bandwidth access as we will provide you with on-demand remote professionals that can clear your traffic congestion by analyzing and monitoring your network patterns.
working 19 ports of 24 ports, one yellow cable is inserted into the switchboard, a switch for accessing the Internet

Spare Parts and Devices

Equipment degrades and loses its functionality over time. This can likely become a problem for many corporations. At AV5 we regularly develop a plan for proper maintenance and replacement of spare parts and devices to identify equipment that is prone to obsolescence. During our internal IT asset audit, we give our clients proper feedback about their existing machines and devise a replacement strategy for each obsolete item.
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Phase II. Continuous Operations and Routine Checks

AV5 takes its service to another level by performing continuous improvements and routine checks on your data center infrastructure. We perform a few high level analyses to ensure that our invested efforts in your data center management are qualitative and will result in a positive outlook over the next couple of years.

AV5 performs several checks to safeguard and coordinate things between your data center and incoming traffic. These include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Emergency Training
  • Remote Access Training
  • Redundancy Training

Visual Inspection

At AV5 we focus on the perfection of our service and for this, we regularly visit and perform a physical inspection of your data center. We analyze the racks and your machine to reach an effective conclusion about its health, security and lose connections
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Emergency Training

For complex testing of emergency situations, AV5 breaks down most of your data center and designates a supervising party for each set of the data center. This might also include assistance from your HR to properly establish shift management at times of emergency. Once the experts at AV5 have everything aligned, we make a customs check before simulating the emergency situation to prevent any unexpected results. When everything is up to the benchmark we run emergency training on your data center and see if the situation is handled properly with minimal damage to the infrastructure.
Computers and servers in datacenter. Data storage and cloud services concept. 3D rendered illustration.

Remote access testing

Remote service and cloud platforms are heavily influencing several tech giants. You might have operations outside your locality or have hired experts from other corners of the world to help you maintain or monitor your IT infrastructure. But what are your backup plans if the remote access breaks down? Instead of brainstorming your answers, AV5 can provide perfect solutions for remote access testing. At times there can be significant changes in infrastructure or accounts of your professionals might expire without prior knowledge. This can lead to risky situations when it comes to data management.
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Redundancy Testing

Redundancy Testing
Severe fluctuations and downtime can cause damage to your brand reputation. On a regular basis, your data center infrastructure needs to be tested for downtime control. You might already have invested a lot in redundancy, but did it really work for you? As a business, you need to properly plan and manage your data center redundancy. To ensure that your redundancy has been cost-effective, AV5 will perform several tests on your datacenters. This can include migrating traffic during downtimes or shutting down specific zones to analyze the outcome.
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