Client success – case studies



Docker will unify and simplify multiple version of software, reducing labor cost
Virtualization will help to implement CI/CD ( Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ) for faster product delivery
Accelerated product delivery will give an advantage over other players in the market


  • Unify middleware packages in different Linux version
  • Integrate traditional datacenter with AWS
  • Virtualize environment

Description and scope of work

  • Install Docker
  • Prepare Docker images of middleware
  • Install Docker registry.

Used tools and technologies

  • Docker
  • Gitlab registry
  • Ansible playbook for Docker management.
  • AWS
  • Terraform

Building own CDN network across regions and continents

Company with centralized video server farm used for delivery was prevented from streaming high-quality video to end customers due to long distance causing latency, and traditional CDN was becoming too expensive.

Description and scope of work

  • Analyze the market and detect regions and continents where most traffic is delivered
  • Work with multiple local colocation providers, intelligently choose a most suitable company
  • Establish peering with local Internet carriers.
  • Ship required equipment and build colocation in each chosen datacenter
  • Build CDN node in each colocation and connect to local carriers
    Work with software developers to activate new CDN nodes for video delivery

Used tools

  • Supermicro and Dell servers
  • Dell storages
  • Cisco and Brocade switches and routers
  • Cisco and A10 load balancers


  • Migrating to own CDN system reduced expenses
  • Outsourced partnership to build CDN released onboard staff and allowed to concentrate on business solutions
  • Own CDN system increase value/price of the company

Expanding Juniper cluster with Cisco

Company was experiencing vendor lock-in on an EoL (End of Life) cluster of Juniper routers

Description and scope of work

  • Install Cisco L3 switches as an aggregation layer.
  • Install an additional carrier as a backup carrier.
  • Migrate the existing Juniper boxes into roles of (poor?) routers.
  • Switch to the backup provider and reboot/upgrade the existing juniper cluster.
  • Prepare detailed documentation
  • Train/on-board staff

Used tools and technologies

  • Juniper SRX series
  • Cisco 3650
  • SonicWall


  • Eliminated vendor lock-in
  • Separated switching from routing layer
  • The new design of the network simplified future upgrades and troubleshooting

Migrate a firewall to F5 load balancer and firewall

Company with an aging firewall getting close to EoL ( End of Life ) and no support contract, hardware replacement, or new versions of the software.

Description and scope of work

  • Propose several new firewall options to migrate from old appliance
  • Work with selected F5 vendor to choose hardware and software solutions
  • Architect, install and configure F5 LTM and WAF
  • Train on-board staff to manage the new solution.

Used tools and technologies

  • F5 LTM (Local Traffic Manager)
  • F5 WAF (Web Application Firewall)


  • Migrating to newer firewall improved security while local traffic balancer allowed to build a server farm with redundancy
  • Reduced total cost due to reduced labor cost
  • New solutions improved end user’s experience

A10 Load balancer.deployment

A Company had a software-based load balancer with issues and wanted to estimate if a hardware-based load balancer is a better solution

Description and scope of work

  • Work with vendors Cisco, F5, A10 networks and collect possible solutions
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  • Adjust the existing network for the new load balancer
  • Install load balancer, perform performance and failure tests
  • Work as DevOps with the existing on-board team to migrate the application to the new load balancer
  • Train the existing on-board staff to manage the new load balancer
  • Choose appropriate hardware and software versions of A10 ADC

Used tools and technologies

  • A10 ADC
  • Cisco Nexus aggregation switches


  • Eliminated the existing issues
  • Improved users’ experience
  • Increased number of end users
  • Released on-board staff to work on new features
  • Implementation of enterprise solution increased value of the company

Palo Alto deployment

Migration of aging firewall to new Palo Alto appliance

Description and scope of work

  • Choose most suitable Palo Alto appliance
  • Install and configure disaster recovery colocation
  • Clone Palo Alto installation to primary colocation.
  • Enable stateful box2box High Availability (HA) for full, hitless redundancy (with sync of active sessions and configuration)

Used tools and technologies

  • Palo Alto
  • Pingdom (monitoring from multiple locations)


  • Installing NG (Next Generation) firewall improved security
  • Became HIPAA compliant with new firewall
  • Standard design and structure which avoided vendor lock-in, and providing better manageability
  • Combination of two different firewalls from two different vendors improved security.

DDOS protection

Company experiencing periodical DDOS attacks was looking for a solution

Description and scope of work

  • Install RioRey defense system
  • Work with DDOS defense service provider

Used tools and technologies

  • RioRey RS10, RS30 DDOS defense appliance
  • DDOS defense service provider
  • BGP protocol

Used tools and technologies

  • Completed RioRey on-site installation
  • DDOS defense service provider successfully blocked attack while maintaining service to end users.

Improve video delivery within a CDN network

A Company had own CDN network across continents and wanted to improve content delivery between data centers.

Description and scope of work:

  • Work with carriers to get private or public connectivity between datacenters
  • Install Cisco SLA responders in each datacenter
  • Configure adaptive routing based on SLA metrics
  • Display statistics on Cacti dashboard

Used tools and technologies

  • Cisco SLA
  • Cacti


Cisco SLA and multiple carriers allowed to build redundant connectivity between datacenters
An adaptive routing implementation allowed to reach for best possible latency
Multiple carriers let auctions run to get the best offers