Video CDN Network

Enhancing International Customer Service through Global Video Distribution

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Video CDN Network


Enhancing International Customer Service through Global Video Distribution

A company with a vast video content library recognized the need to improve their customer service, especially for their global clients. The challenge was to distribute videos from data centers in various countries, to increase video delivery quality and reduce costs.

Description and Scope of Work:

To address the challenge, the project focused on establishing edge presence in multiple countries. This involved working with data center providers to ship, install, configure, and test servers and network gear remotely. The project also worked with carriers to obtain private or public connectivity between data centers, installed Cisco SLA responders in each data center, configured adaptive routing based on SLA metrics, and displayed statistics on a Cacti dashboard.

Tools and Technologies Used:

The project utilized Cisco hardware, including Supermicro 1U, 4U servers and blades, and network monitoring tools such as Cacti and Solarwinds NPM. Vendors such as GTT, Equinix, Interxion, Telia, and TATA were also instrumental in the successful outcome of the project.


The project was successful in improving video delivery quality and increasing customer satisfaction by 300%. By leveraging local carriers, the company was able to cancel expensive international carriers, resulting in a cost reduction of 40-45%. Cisco SLA and multiple carriers allowed for the building of redundant connectivity between data centers, while multiple carriers forced data center and IP carriers to compete for the best pricing.

Overall, this challenge allowed AV5 to demonstrate its ability to lead a project that enhanced international customer service through global video distribution. It also equipped AV5 with valuable knowledge and skills in working with data centers, carriers, and network hardware and software, that AV5 can apply to future projects and organizations.

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