OpenStack Installation for Cloud Consolidation

OpenStack Installation for Cloud Consolidation

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OpenStack Installation for Cloud Consolidation


OpenStack Installation for Cloud Consolidation

Our company was approached by a customer seeking to consolidate multiple systems, including VMware, bare metal servers, and instances in a public cloud, into a self-hosted cloud on their premises. We recommended a solution based on OpenStack to address their needs.

Scope of Work:

To address the challenge, we conducted a thorough analysis of available cloud solutions and designed a self-hosted cloud solution based on OpenStack. The project involved the following steps:

  • Installation of racks, servers, and network switches.
  • Configuration and installation of the OpenStack system.
  • Conducting stress and failure tests to ensure system reliability.
  • Providing training for on-board staff.

Tools and Technologies Used:

The project utilized OpenStack, Cisco and Brocade 10 Gigabit switches, Cacti, and Zabbix to ensure the successful deployment of the self-hosted cloud solution.


Through the use of OpenStack, we were able to deliver a self-hosted cloud solution that ensured our customer’s security and business continuity by keeping the core of the business under their full control. The solution resulted in a reduction in total costs and optimized network quality for improved performance.

Overall, this project allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in cloud solutions, as well as our ability to provide a solution that met our customer’s specific needs and requirements. Our successful completion of this project highlights our commitment to providing cost-effective and efficient solutions for our clients.

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