Building own CDN network across regions and continents

A company with a centralized video server farm used for delivery was prevented from streaming high-quality video to end customers due to long-distance causing latency, and traditional CDN was becoming too expensive

Description and scope of work

  • Analyze the market and detect regions and continents where most traffic is delivered
  • Work with multiple local colocation providers, intelligently choose a most suitable company
  • Establish peering with local Internet carriers.
  • Ship required equipment and build colocation in each chosen datacenter
  • Build CDN node in each colocation and connect to local carriers
    Work with software developers to activate new CDN nodes for video delivery

Used tools

  • Supermicro and Dell servers
  • Dell storages
  • Cisco and Brocade switches and routers
  • Cisco and A10 load balancers


  • Migrating to own CDN system reduced expenses
  • Outsourced partnership to build CDN released onboard staff and allowed to concentrate on business solutions
  • Own CDN system increase value/price of the company