Install and configure A10 load balancer

Install and configure A10 load balancer

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Install and configure A10 load balancer


Moving from a Software-Based Load Balancer to a Hardware-Based Solution

A company was experiencing issues with their software-based load balancer and wanted to determine whether a hardware-based solution would be a better fit for their needs. Our team was tasked with working with several vendors and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each potential solution, then selecting and implementing the best option.

Description and Scope of Work:

  • Worked with vendors Cisco, F5, and A10 Networks to collect possible solutions
  • Evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  • Adjusted the existing network for the new load balancer
  • Installed the new load balancer and performed performance and failure tests
  • Worked with the existing on-board team as DevOps to migrate the application to the new load balancer
  • Trained the existing on-board staff to manage the new load balancer
  • Chose the appropriate hardware and software versions of A10 ADC

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • A10 ADC (Application Delivery Controller)
  • Cisco Nexus aggregation switches


  • Eliminated the existing issues with the software-based load balancer
  • Improved the end users’ experience with the new hardware-based load balancer
  • Increased the number of end users the system could handle
  • Released the on-board staff to work on new features
  • Implemented an enterprise solution that increased the value of the company

Overall, this project allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in evaluating and implementing load balancing solutions. By working with the company’s existing team and vendors, we were able to provide a reliable and efficient solution that met the company’s needs and exceeded their expectations. The successful implementation of the new load balancer not only eliminated existing issues but also increased the number of end users the system could handle, improved the user experience, and released the on-board staff to focus on new features, adding value to the company’s bottom line.

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