A10 Load balancer.deployment

A company had a software-based load balancer with issues and wanted to estimate if a hardware-based load balancer is a better solution

Description and scope of work

  • Work with vendors Cisco, F5, A10 networks and collect possible solutions
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  • Adjust the existing network for the new load balancer
  • Install load balancer, perform performance and failure tests
  • Work as DevOps with the existing on-board team to migrate the application to the new load balancer
  • Train the existing on-board staff to manage the new load balancer
  • Choose appropriate hardware and software versions of A10 ADC

Used tools

  • A10 ADC
  • Cisco Nexus aggregation switches


  • Eliminated the existing issues
  • Improved users’ experience
  • Increased number of end users
  • Released on-board staff to work on new features
  • Implementation of enterprise solution increased value of the company