Dec 26, 2022

Out of Bandwidth remote access

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Out of Bandwidth remote access

Out-of-band (OOB) remote access is a method of remotely accessing and managing network equipment and devices that is independent of the primary communication path. This means that if the primary communication path (e.g. the network connection) is not available or is experiencing issues, the OOB remote access can still be used to remotely access and manage the equipment.

There are several ways to set up OOB remote access, including the use of a dedicated network connection (e.g. a separate VLAN or a dedicated network interface), a modem or cellular connection, or a serial console connection.

When setting up OOB remote access, it is important to ensure that the connection is secure and that access is only granted to authorized personnel. This can be achieved through the use of authentication and encryption protocols, as well as access controls such as access lists and firewall rules.

It is also important to have a robust and reliable OOB remote access solution in place, as it can be critical for maintaining the availability and performance of network equipment and devices.