Dec 08, 2022

Keeping data center cold

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Keeping data center cold

Keeping data center cold

We’d like to share our 15+ years of experience keeping our data center installations cold, even in a warmer environment.

1) Organize your cable system to let your hot air leave the racks and cage instead of rotating within the rack. You might need to order smart hands to rewire some of your old cables.

2) If your equipment is very old or came from a dusty environment, it makes sense to open each machine and vacuum it.2) Close unused space with a simple blanket so that hot air will not come into a cold area.

3) Ensure your data center uses a raised floor, so the cold air comes from the bottom of each rack.

4) The gears developed 10+ years ago are not as effective as equipment developed 1-5 years ago, so staying with the latest hardware will cool your installation.

5) Also, it is worth asking experienced data center technicians to verify each aspect of your installation. As a bonus, engineers can come up with a thermometer and build a heating map and provide a recommendation on which part of colocation needs to be fixed.

If you’re not sure if your data center installation uses the best practices, you need to contact professionals. Otherwise, your hardware’s life may be shorter than expected, resulting in hardware and reputation damages and unwanted investment into newer hardware.

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