Our story

AV5 is a full service leading IT Sourcing Company that helps clients significantly reduce the cost of building and operating their IT infrastructure. Our unique and deep expertise combined with extensive industry experience and vendor relationships allows our clients to get “the best of breed” solutions needed to effectively support and grow their business.

Our team was founded in 2004 by a group of IT professionals – programmers, sysadmins, and system information architects – with the specific goal of leveraging our collective expertise to meet the demands of a growing market. By forming AV5, we believed we could pool our working knowledge to not only make our personal and work lives enjoyable but to provide peace of mind to our clients.

Since the founding of AV5 in 2004, we have been constantly evolving with new technologies to build the best business infrastructures to meet out clients needs. Even though the market has changed and the technology has evolved, we are continually reinventing ourselves to enable your business to reach its goals.