Five Benefits of Cloud Computing

The Cloud is everywhere these days. Unless you have been living with your head under a rock somewhere on Mars, you have heard about the Cloud. Now maybe you’re a small to medium sized business or a personal consumer looking into utilizing the Cloud for your IT needs. If you are in this group, or if you simply want to know more about Cloud Computing, this article is for you. The five major benefits of the Cloud are:


The first major benefit of Cloud platforms is scalability. Scalability allows the Cloud to grow and shrink when the customer demands it. Think of it as elastic. When a consumer needs more web hosting resources, the consumer ups his resource needs (space, memory, bandwidth etc.) and pays more for those needs. Conversely when the consumer needs fewer resources, the consumers scales their resource usage down and begins to pay for that smaller allotment. In English, scalability means the consumer only pays for what he uses with the ability to grow or shrink – nothing more, nothing less.


The Cloud means your data is secure at all times. Why? Well, when you utilize the Cloud your stored data lives in a datacenter of your Cloud provider. This datacenter uses redundant Cloud storage technologies to ensure, even if power fails, that your data remains via deduplication and fail safe storage Clouds. Moreover, Cloud providers deploy stringent hardware and software firewalls to encrypt important data in the effort to keep unwanted intrusions from taking place.


For a lot of people, the main benefit of the Cloud, of Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting, is mobility. The Cloud allows end users to access content from anywhere in the world so long as there is an Internet connection. This aspect in a world with more and more mobile devices, means end users can access their bank statements, twitter feeds or corporate workflow while sitting on a beach or hiking a mountain.


Accessibility goes hand in hand with mobility. To connect to your public or private Cloud, all you need is an Internet connection. Due to that, anyone, from any portion of the world can access, download, stream and view valuable content. This accessibility not only lets private consumers stream music while hiking or stream content from Netflix while laying by the pool, it also means corporations never have to miss a day of work. With round the clock access to data, the idea of a snow day has ended.

Cash Flow

For those end users looking to downsize on their monthly IT spend, the Cloud provides for you. With Cloud solutions end users no longer have to purchase the software, hardware and equipment traditionally associated with a Microsoft Office Suite or an internal voice system. Due to this, because end users are leasing their needs, they don’t pay as much for the services.

Not only does the Cloud grow and shrink as needed, it provides the best data security/redundancy, it is extremely available, it is infinitely mobile and it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as traditional IT solutions.

Pretty good deal right?

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