We design, install, and manage your data center and your network.


Our engineers will help you manage or co-manage your cloud. The Av5 team will set up a new cloud for your business or manage your existing cloud.


With hybrid cloud solutions, your business will keep it’s critical data in your premises and use a public cloud to expand your computing capabilities on a pay-per-use basis.

Migrate to a cloud

Our professional engineers will migrate your data to a cloud, making this process a seamless transition for your organization.

Colocation migration

The AV5 team applies our in-depth project management skills and proven strategies to make a transition from one hosting facility to another without disrupting your business operations.

Migrate from public cloud to private cloud

To ensure the highest levels of privacy, security and control over your data, the Av5 team will move your IT infrastructure from a public cloud to a private cloud. You will regain full control over your sensitive data with no disruption to your business operations.

Solution selection

With over a decade of experience working with reputable vendors and constantly evolving with new technologies, our team will come up with the most efficient IT solution for your business.

Internal IT audit

AV5 experts will accurately analyze your IT infrastructure to ensure its effectiveness and security. Internal IT audits ensure optimized utilization of resources.

Network management

Network management is the most critical part of any IT system. With 24/7 availability of our on-demand professional engineers, your IT network will be running at its peak performance, helping you to reduce cost and downtime.

Trust and transparency

Learning and learning

Vendor neutral

AV5 offers a free and open analysis of your current IT infrastructure with no commitment upfront.

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